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The Tangent Advantage

Closeout Projects faster with automation

Tangent has developed proprietary technology that provides faster and higher quality deliverables.

Production Capability

Through automation and technology, Tangent can scale faster than anyone else. Tangent can produce hundreds of photo simulations, zoning applications, pole audits, fiber & wireless construction drawings, every week.

Superior Service

The Tangent Ethos includes Innovation, Collaboration, and a commitment to Delivering ahead of schedule; this provides our customers in Wireless & Infrastructure industries a better experience with less headache.

They delivered 1500 candidate SCIP's in 10 days!

“We couldn’t believe they delivered that many SCIP's within two weeks of receiving PO's - while maintaining a SCIP approval rating over 99%. It was like, wow.”

Turf Customer
Sr. Program Manager
Tangent Advantage

Recent Highlights

Our systems and processes allow for a higher capacity and lower rejection rate
Lower DRM rejection rate than competitors on recent Construction Drawings submittals
Wireless Sites we've recently delivered services on
Faster than competitors in Site Selection and Lockdowns at volume

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From Wireless Site Development, to EV Charging Stations, while performing nearly all scopes in house, Tangent can pull in your project lifecycle.

Serving a diverse set of customers spanning industries and scopes, from real estate services to ground-penetrating-radar to engineering, Tangent can deliver. Reach out today.

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