Tangent is Infrastructure, Solved

Built in 2015, Tangent is an infrastructure services and technology partner, self-performing more scopes and at faster speeds than anyone else in the market. Tangent has revolutionized in six years what other wireless and utilities companies have never dreamed of.

Our mission is to deploy better infrastructure faster, to every person everywhere. To achieve this, we are pioneering the modernization of infrastructure deployment and management by implementing technology that streamlines data collection, management, and analyses. What does this mean for our clients? It means that we’re able to efficiently and effectively complete our scope of work and so much more.

Tangent prides itself on client relationships and our ability to solve pain points with long-lasting solutions.

Our Team

Brian Mahoney

Our CEO is an MBA, a JD, a Military Veteran, an experienced infrastructure professional, and a high performing team builder.

Robert Mahoney

Robert, an experienced systems designer and entrepreneur, is our CFO. He is a founder at Tangent and has a mind for process improvement and innovation.

cell tower with microwaves and panel antennas
Our team relentlessly innovates to deliver better infrastructure, faster, to every person everywhere.
Brian Mahoney, CEO

Our Ethos


We refuse to do things the old way, simply because that's how they've always been done. We strive to find modern, more efficient strategies for every process in our reach.


Working together is what makes us stronger. Not only do we invest in the importance of internal communication, we focus equally on external communication, continuously working with jurisdictions, supply chain members, vendors, and clients with the goal of building trust and streamlining future projects.


We innovate and collaborate in order to deliver the most superior product possible. We are committed to delivering on time or ahead of schedule to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.