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10x Improvement with Utility Audit Technology

You may remember us talking about our specialized audit technology in our previous blog post on our accelerated pole inspections. We can’t stress enough the advantage that this technology affords Tangent and in turn, our clients.

More companies that you would imagine are still deploying their field technicians with clipboards and paper forms to each site to make assessments and notes, and then take that information and enter it manually into spreadsheets. Calculations, address look-ups, and nearby pole information all have to be done manually, including the reports that need to be generated for the client. This method is time consuming, tedious, and it has a high risk for human error - miscalculations, typos in data entry, etc. which can lead to more time spent re-auditing sites.

When Tangent dove into the utility industry, we knew there had to be a better way. We make it our business to stand out among the competition by being faster, more accurate, and overall more efficient with our time. 

So we decided to trade the pen and paper for the power of automations. By applying technology to the process, we save time with automatic distance calculations, instant address look-ups, logic-based forms, pre-filled form templates, and more. Our field technicians are able to be twice as accurate in half the time, and that’s just in the field. On the back end, we’re able to save even more time by eliminating all those hours of data entry. And all of this is tailored to each client’s individual needs, both in the field and in the final product. 

In other words, we’re able to complete our audits faster and more accurately, which saves our clients time and money. Tangent is dedicated to building 10x improvements through innovation. We will continue streamlining, refining and improving processes to build more efficient services at the benefit of our clients, and everyone who depends on major infrastructure.

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