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Executive Leadership Spotlight: Brian Mahoney

It’s time to conclude our Executive Leadership Spotlight series with our CEO and co-founder, Brian Mahoney!

If you’ve met him, you know just how sociable and charismatic our CEO is. He’s the driving force of Tangent’s leadership and team development, a skill that came to him by no accident. Brian knew early on that his professional goal was to lead a company, and he built his professional and academic experiences to prepare him for this. His entry into Wireless, however, was not part of his plan. He cited the phrase often heard in the industry, “people don’t find Wireless, Wireless finds you,” and that’s exactly what happened during Brian’s time in law school. A colleague who was in SAQ at the time asked for Brian’s help to review some leases, and that’s when Brian realized what a perfect fit Wireless was for him: he had tech experience working on communications gear in the Navy; he had served as a project manager for a Department of Defense contractor; had gained fresh skills in reviewing contracts and municipal codes in law school; and had early sales experience to aid in negotiations. As Brian described it, he had fallen into an industry that “felt like home.”

Now, as Tangent’s CEO, Brian is successfully leading and fostering a team of talented individuals who are innovating, collaborating, and delivering better infrastructure solutions that raise the bar of the industry. Brian’s role as CEO is more than just team management though; his focus is on Tangent’s vision & strategy, and something he refers to as “obstruction removal.” His day-to-day tasks are hardly ever identical, but often entail a combination of the following: removing obstacles that hinder leadership teams, collaborative solution ideation, reviewing operational performance, and planning.

When asked about what he’s most proud of accomplishing for Tangent, his answer was the people of Tangent and the deep-rooted culture that holds us together. Brian said, “Tangent has grown tremendously year-over-year in services offered, people employed, and in active clients. Throughout all of that, we’ve maintained low turnover because we’ve created an environment that people really enjoy… I used to spend a lot of time making sure that culture was perfect, but the team has created a culture that far surpasses anything I could have designed.”

In Brian’s opinion, the most important piece of Tangent’s ethos is Deliver, because as vital as innovation and collaboration are, “Our commitment to deliver a high-quality product faster than anyone else, is what will set us apart from the rest of the industry.” Equipped with our ethos, Tangent is headed into the future with a mission to deploy better infrastructure to everyone, everywhere. Brian reflected, “Tangent will continue to provide wireless solutions to its customers, and will also continue expanding its product offering, with major efforts in wireline/broadband support efforts, EV charging, and other infrastructure initiatives.”

But Brian isn’t all Tangent all the time; he loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys socializing and making memories. You might find him golfing, playing drums, traveling to new places, working out, or seeking thrills like snowboarding, wakeboarding, or surfing.

Cheers to our CEO who continues to lead us into the future and for caring as deeply about our team as you do; it’s felt by all of us.

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