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Executive Leadership Spotlight: Bram Pritchard

We have a very special set of employee spotlights coming your way, and they’re shining on none other than our executive leadership here at Tangent. This month we’re starting with Bram Pritchard, Mr. Vice President. 

Bram got his start in wireless back in 2009 with SAC Wireless in Chicago. He brought his leasing, land entitling and jurisdictional negotiating skills gained through his experience in commercial real estate to the table and quickly found a home in this industry. Fast forward six years to when Bram met Brian Mahoney and thus began the beautiful friendship that led to their opportunity to continue growing Tangent a few years later. 

Brian often jokes that Bram is the VPE: Vice President of Everything, as he lends his talents to so many departments within the company. Bram is responsible for sourcing new customers, maintaining and growing existing customers and relationship management. He works with departments on budgeting and forecasting; assists in recruiting, hiring and resource planning; and advises on process improvements and everything in between.

When asked about his favorite piece of Tangent’s ethos (innovate, collaborate, deliver), he chose collaboration. “We have a great culture of open and honest communication that makes for an awesome environment in terms of process improvement and problem solving. Most of our great ideas come from the day-to-day in-person collaboration and knowledge sharing. Even during lockdown, we made sure to get together as much as we possibly could and supplement that with video conferences just to stay in that mode of sharing within and between departments,” Bram said.

In forecasting the next five years, Bram sees a busy future for Tangent. Bram is confident that Tangent will continue pushing forward with new scopes, new customers, new opportunities, and even new tech like charging station deployments and wind and solar developments.

Outside of his professional accomplishments and duties, Bram is a proud family man devoted to his lovely wife and two children. And when it comes to sports, the first and last thing you need to know is that he’s from Massachusetts. In other words, GO SOX! It’s true he has many talents; if you ever indulge in throwback California-local grunge music, don’t be surprised if you spot him on a CD.

Bram, your leadership is felt within every department here at Tangent and we look forward to collaborating with you every day. Cheers to everything you’ve accomplished and every exciting project the future holds.

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