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Accelerated Utility Pole Inspections

From 300 to 300,000 poles, Tangent’s utility team is equipped and ready to tackle any sized utility audit project. We perform accurate and thorough pole inspections faster than the competition. 

How is Tangent able to complete these projects so quickly? 

Through highly specialized utility audit technology, of course. Automations, auto-calculations, built-in logic, address and coordinate lookups, and a jurisdictional database are just some of the features available at our field technicians’ fingertips, who enjoy superhuman speeds and razor accurate results on their inspection walks.

Tangent performs utility inspections on both wood poles, and steel and concrete poles. These inspections satisfy all jurisdictional requirements including but not limited to visual and sound assessments, data reporting, bore and deep bore assessments, shallow ground excavations and photographs. We also offer select remediation services.

In addition to the actual inspections, we also manage all communications necessary between jurisdictions and power companies, submit power applications, and manage project information and documentation. Our experienced team of project managers and utility experts can handle your utility audit needs with ease.

Because Tangent is able to leverage time-saving technology in our utility audit work, we’re able to complete jobs faster and at cost-effective rates that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. Whether you represent a small remote-market jurisdiction, or a large-scale infrastructure entity, Tangent can solve your utility audit needs.

We’re dedicated to beating deadlines and we do that by innovating efficiencies wherever we can. See the Tangent advantage and contact us today for a quote on your next utility project.

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