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Collaboration: How Tangent's Team Focus Translates to Faster and More Accurate Results

Tangent’s ethos to innovate, collaborate and deliver are equally vital to our success, but neither innovation nor deliver can exist without collaboration, and it’s what we do best. 

When our customers receive their end-product, each one is the result of meticulously communicated interdepartmental collaboration. As our employees can attest, it’s no exaggeration, and it’s no accident either.

Tangent built its team centricity from the ground up, starting with our culture of valuing every employee’s contributions and talents equally. We approach our projects in a ‘war room’ style, in which every department reports what they’re accomplishing, what needs to be done, and establishing resources. Everyone has a voice, and is encouraged to contribute ideas, ask questions, or offer support. Common phrases we hear during our morning meetings are, “I can help with that,” or “I’ve got extra bandwidth this week if anyone needs assistance,” no matter the department the help is needed in. Everyone is willing to help and pitch in, often resulting in our employees cross training and developing new skills.

This ‘all hands on deck’ approach results in projects getting done faster, more efficiently, and often more innovatively. Instead of being boxed in by titles or departments, we allow new ideas to optimize our tasks and processes. And while our Innovation Team is obviously a testament to our first core ethos Innovate, even that team is a symbol of our collaborative spirit, as everyone is encouraged to participate in the team, resulting in innovations and resolutions coming from every department.

Our ethos of collaboration does not solely apply to internal communication either. We have an equal focus on external collaboration. In practice that might mean helping jurisdictions codify requirements; working with landlords to come up with mutually beneficial courses of action between them and the carrier; or developing 3-D printed equipment shrouds to show planning departments what size and color proposed hardware might look like. These are all things we’ve done and continue to do, and most of the time they aren’t things we bill for. It’s the extra mile that we go in order to build trust in our relationships to help us streamline future projects. 

So what does this mean for our customers? It means a higher quality product completed on time or even ahead of schedule. Our customers can rest assured knowing that each one of our projects is handled with the same high priority level of attention and dedication by our entire team, who works tirelessly to deliver as near perfect end-products as possible. 

And because we never tire of saying it, a huge thank you to our dedicated team of professionals.

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