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Employee Spotlight: Annette Mahoney

Join us in congratulating Annette Mahoney, Tangent’s Senior Project Manager, as the first employee spotlight of the year! Sharing our employee’s accomplishments is our favorite kind of content. Working in wireless is like working behind the scenes, so it’s a pleasure to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the people working so diligently to deliver Tangent’s visions.

As the Senior Project Manager, Annette manages the network real estate team within the Site Acquisition department, and assembles all of the many moving parts of projects into cohesive packages. Annette also acts as a liaison between all project stakeholders and Tangent’s departments throughout project life spans to ensure clear communication at every step.

Daily tasks for a Senior Project Manager include resource allocation, troubleshooting, forecasting, and constantly double and triple checking to make sure nothing is left behind. In other words, Annette is a serious multi-tasker. 

Annette earned her bachelor of science degree in international business & finance from California State University, Long Beach. Her Project Management Professional certification was earned through UCLA’s Project Management program. Professionally, Annette has worked in a wide variety of industries, like private equity, construction, and electronics manufacturing. Her diverse background has culminated into a unique skill set that is applied every day within her role at Tangent.

When Annette isn’t managing projects for Tangent, you can find her cooking up delectable dishes and ever refining her cooking skills. She loves to share that food with friends and family; in fact, it’s pretty well known that Annette’s love language is food. A meal from Annette is one made with heart and tons of flavor. I’m writing this of course with firsthand knowledge of how delicious her food truly is, so don’t mistake this for empty flattery. 

Annette also loves traveling, and exploring local dishes and flavors while she does. Hobbies outside of cooking and traveling include gardening and spending time with family, especially at family game nights.

Annette is a loved member of the Tan-Fam, and we’re so proud of her work and commitment to excellence. Keep it up, Annette!

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