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Employee Spotlight: Beck Caldon

Tangent’s June Spotlight is featuring Erica “Beck” Caldon, our Digital Marketing Manager. Meet the face behind Tangent’s social media and blog! 

Hello there digital universe! Heads up, I’ll be writing this one in the first-person for a change since writing about myself in the third-person just seems wrong. It seems a little strange to spotlight myself, but it feels nice to introduce the person behind all of Tangent’s digital interactions - Me!

As the Digital Marketing Manager, I’m the writer, content creator and publisher of Tangent’s social media and marketing materials. From employee spotlights to new brochures, or from changing the website to a Facebook post, I’m there making it happen. 

I studied journalism at CSUF and spent the first several years in my career working in social media management and human resources before I decided to pursue my masters in digital marketing. After I graduated I started working on a few projects for Tangent, but I soon found myself passionate about developing Tangent’s voice and overall brand. 

I always have a department manager comment on our employee spotlighter, and I can tell you my manager had nothing but praise. “Beck is a creative force that works diligently and cooperatively with her whole team. She inspires me daily!” I said. 

Aside from my work here at Tangent, I’m a full-time mom and I love spending time with my husband & son, and our families whenever possible. I’m an avid art-lover and recently took up painting in addition to my plethora of hobbies including photography, yoga, camping, gardening, coffee drinking and music listening. 

I am honored to be part of Tangent’s story, and I will continue to be here, crafting the brand story and I can say that we’ve got some special content in the works for this year so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, everyone! 

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