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Employee Spotlight: Jessica Guzman

Bragging about our employees never gets old. Here at Tangent, we are comprised of insanely talented, innovative, hard-working and driven team members. But we’re all much more than our working title. Our Employee Spotlight series is a chance to showcase who our employees are in and out of the office; it’s often our creative time spent out of the office that contributes to our productivity and unique perspectives in the office.

Our June Employee Spotlight is shining brightly on Jessica Guzman, our Finance Coordinator and HR guru. Jessica has been part of the Tangent family since February of 2019. As Finance Coordinator, she handles accounts payable, accounts receivable and any and all human resources needs with ease.

On any given day, Jessica is the first one in the office and the last one out. She takes initiative and sets an example for others at Tangent on what it means to be a member of the Tan-Fam. She embodies our ethos: she’s an active member of the Innovation Team, she collaborates with every member of our team and creates an inclusive working atmosphere, and she consistently delivers quality work that we’re proud to present.

And as busy as we keep her at Tangent, she stays just as busy at home with her two kids – nearly both teenagers now. For the past six years, their family past time is playing Magic: The Gathering, a strategy card game. It began as a way to spend time together and encourage time away from screens. Now they spend days configuring their decks and play the game late into the night on weekends. Next on their agenda is Dungeons & Dragons, which they plan to try out this summer. 

Jessica takes pride in “making things happen,” and it shows through in every aspect of her work. She described Tangent in two words: “amazingly awesome” which is fitting since that’s how we describe her too!

Thanks for all your hard work, Jessica.

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