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Employee Spotlight: Kate Mahoney

September may be halfway through, but it’s never too late for an Employee Spotlight! This month we’re shining a light on our very own Kate Mahoney! She’s our Project Coordinator and Office Manager, and she also happens to be our first full-time employee. 

Kate is our resident photosims guru, capturing realistic lighting and details that make our photo simulations the best in the biz. She also covers ancillary services and office management, but her favorite responsibility is party planning for our Tan-Fam events (which are always a hit!). 

When asked about what she’s most proud of while working at Tangent, it wasn’t about a particular project she’d completed or assisted with - it was the fact that she’s been able to witness the evolution of Tangent from the very beginning to where we are now. 

Kate said that it’s the people that make Tangent such an amazing place to work. “It’s the best professional environment that I’ve ever worked in; everyone contributes and does what they need to succeed, which makes it a really great environment.”

Kate contributes a lot to that environment herself; whether it’s her expansive knowledge of The Office or Parks & Recreation series; her ability to spring into action to solve a problem; her festive decorations for any and all holidays; or her helpful and positive demeanor in general. 

In her spare time, Kate enjoys spending time with her family and friends, participating in her faith community, or making travel plans. She’s a seriously seasoned traveler with 11 different countries in her passport! As soon as quarantine ends, she plans on making her way back to Italy and France again and hopes to make a trip to Asia sometime soon. 

Cheers to Kate on this month’s spotlight feature! You’re an irreplaceable part of our Tan-Fam.

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