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Employee Spotlight: Luis Martinez

It’s nearly time to wrap the first quarter of 2021! We’re celebrating it with our third employee spotlight of the year, Luis Martinez, Junior Project Manager for Tangent.

Luis plays a dynamic project management role, working within the Utilities and Site Acquisition departments. In Site Acquisition, Luis is involved with his sites from their start to finish, ensuring that all steps are completed properly, timely and to the client’s satisfaction. Each site comes with its own unique set of needs and requirements, which means Luis is no stranger to multi-tasking, problem solving and staying proactive. His work in Utilities is similar to Site Aq, and includes coordinating with power companies, preparing power packages, and ensuring all submittals are accurate so that the project can launch quickly and efficiently. A large project that Luis is currently spearheading are a series of small cell sites in the San Diego area. It’s a large undertaking, but Luis is the one for the job. With over five years in the industry, Luis has a wide array of experience working with Geographic Information Systems,  network real estate, and more.

Annette Mahoney, Tangent’s Senior Project Manager for Site Aq says, “Luis is a stellar NRE PM and is constantly coordinating with a wide variety of stakeholders to bring projects to the finish line; his friendly and collaborative nature make him a joy to work with. He cares deeply about his projects, and takes the time to dive into all the little details to ensure we avoid unnecessary hiccups.” We have to agree, Annette!

Outside of his mountainous wireless work, you might find Luis literally climbing a mountain. He is an accomplished outdoor enthusiast, who in 2015 climbed Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. A venture of over 1500 feet! Exploring the great outdoors is a pastime he enjoys with his wife and two boys; just last year they took an RV road trip to tour several national parks including YellowStone, Grand Teton, The Arches and the Rocky Mountains. 

Your adventurous spirit makes you an incredible part of our team. Keep up the great work! 

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