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Employee Spotlight: Matt Rooklidge

November’s employee spotlight is shining on Matthew Rooklidge, Tangent’s Senior A&E Manager! Matt steers Tangent’s Architecture & Engineering department and also stars in the Tangent “jam band” on the bass guitar.

Matt oversees all of Tangent’s A&E services, which is no small task. This includes everything from construction drawings to area mappings, traffic control plans to ground penetrating radar, foundation & tower mapping to trench plans and everything in between. Other duties include forecasting and billing, and of course quality control; ensuring that every deliverable is accurate and of the highest quality. As the Senior A&E Manager, he’s also a main point of contact for clients, and maintains full communication between departments.

Matt is a phenomenal manager who the entire company leans on for advice & feedback for all things engineering. He genuinely cares about the Tangent culture and takes great care in ensuring we have an amazing engineering team with superb interoperability and collaboration with other departments. “I've seen him manage a dozen projects across different programs with hundreds of sites and still nothing slips through the cracks,” says CEO Brian Mahoney.

Matt echoes that same description of a close-knit team with a focus on intra-departmental communication when he was asked to describe Tangent as a whole, adding that it’s our speed that sets Tangent apart. And speaking of speed, the project he’s most proud of was the SCIP work he and his team accomplished in Hawaii, completing vast amounts of sites across remote locations in record time.

Matt is a dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his family and making music. In addition to his spot in the Tangent jam band, he’s also part of a local OC rock band, Raw Radio. They released their first EP last year, and are hard at work developing new songs for a full-length album while they wait for COVID restrictions to lift for live performances. 

Matthew’s dedication to his craft, both professionally and creatively is not only impressive... it’s music to our ears (sorry, we couldn’t resist)! Congratulations on your employee spotlight, Matt!

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