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Employee Spotlight: Matt Yang

Another month, another employee spotlight! This month we’re celebrating Matt Yang, Tangent’s Junior Project Manager. 

Most of our employees don’t like bragging about themselves, which makes us all the more happy to do the bragging for them. Yang has a degree in business from Cal State Fullerton with a concentration in information systems & decision sciences. As a junior project manager, Yang ensures projects start and finish as smoothly as possible by coordinating efforts between all stakeholders, forecasting and anticipating project needs, and keeping clients informed and updated along the way. Yang handles all of this with a cool, calm demeanor and gets the job done efficiently. In fact, Yang quickly earned the nickname “The Machine” as a result of his ability to complete high quality deliverables at an almost un-human pace.

We’re always proud of our employees' work, but it’s more interesting finding out what projects they’re most proud of completing. For Yang, it was his first assignment with Tangent, in which he completed over 20 sites for Verizon in under a month. He continues attacking his projects head-on with the same level of dedication and diligence as that first project, which makes him such a valuable member of our team.

And speaking of teams, Yang attributed Tangent’s efficiency to its team atmosphere where everyone pitches in to get the job done. In his words, we’re “good people doing good work.”

When he’s not managing projects, he’s spending time with friends and family or working on his car. Eventually he’d like to get a salvage car to work on and modify for fun.

Yang is consistently helping others and is also a member of the Innovation Team, where great new technology and automations are born. He’s advanced faster than any other Network Real Estate professional has at Tangent and we’re certainly grateful he’s one of our Site Acquisition Superstars.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Yang - you hold a special place in our Tan-Fam!

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