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Employee Spotlight: Thomas Lawler

Welcome to the October edition of Tangent’s Employee Spotlight series! This month we’re pleased to introduce you to Thomas Lawler, our Innovation Team Lead and Drafter Extraordinaire.

Thomas drafts just about anything we throw at him, helps run Engineering Department projects and assists others whenever his expertise is needed. He’s also SCIP’ed literally thousands of poles for Tangent and was instrumental in user-testing our automated SCIP technology.

The Innovation Team’s success represents some of Thomas’ most exceptional work. Our ethos is to Innovate, Collaborate, and Deliver, and Thomas steers the efforts to continually innovate in everything Tangent does. The Innovation Team solves pain points, improves existing processes, tests new technology and solutions, and brings approved ideas to production.

Under Thomas’ direction, the Innovation Team has produced remarkable developments for Tangent. Some of these innovations include automations that eliminate repetitive or redundant tasks (there’s even a new entire subdivision specifically for automations), applied technology and equipment solutions, and new approaches to processes that result in 10x improvements.

Our CEO Brian Mahoney says, “Thomas has one of the most innovative minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His ability to continually explore new possibilities to solve complex problems is definitely one of his strengths, but it takes a lot more than creativity to achieve what Thomas has at Tangent. He’s an extremely hard worker and he works diligently to deliver the perfect product or solution.”

When asked how to describe Tangent, Thomas described it like a family, noting that it’s the most positive work environment he’s ever been in. “Brian lets us spread our wings and focus our efforts where they’re best suited.” We have to agree!

Outside of Tangent, Thomas is a family man who enjoys surfing, skating, and innovating even at home. He’s got a few invention ideas in the works and even more will come to life once his much-anticipated 3-D printer arrives.

We appreciate all of your diligent work, Thomas!

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