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Ground Penetrating Radar

What is ground penetrating radar (GPR)? It's a geophysical location technology that uses electromagnetic waves to image objects beneath the ground. This allows users to survey subsurface objects or conditions without having to dig or disrupt the landscape. Companies like Tangent utilize ground penetrating radar to complete surveys faster, more conveniently and at a more economical rate.

Amazingly, GPR is able to “penetrate” or “probe” through just about any material and can pick up any kind of object or “anomaly” in the setting i.e., pipes laid in concrete or wires in the ground. The detailed information captured in these images include the size, range, and structure of the objects and more, producing highly specific readings that paint an accurate picture of what's happening beneath the ground's surface.

GPR is often needed when jurisdictional underground records are unavailable or unreliable. In one recent instance, Tangent was able to provide GPR services in a remote market for 35 different street intersections within a two week period. This provided AT&T with the data they needed for their trenching plans and was also used by the jurisdiction to update their records.

At Tangent, our utility experts are trained in GPR technology, allowing us to detect and analyze subsurface utilities without the hassle and cost of digging. It’s just one more way that we deliver wireless and utility solutions aimed at accomplishing your project goals ahead of schedule and under budget.

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*Information in this article was sourced from Ground Penetrating Radar (2004).

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