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How Tangent Sets the Bar for Wireless Photo Simulations

You may have heard us talk about our exceptional photo simulations and our ability to complete hundreds per week. But how are these photo simulations made? And what makes Tangent’s photo sims standout?

Original photo (before photo simulation)
Final photo (after equipment simulation)

In order to complete a photo sim for a new site, we use a photographer to capture a 360 degree view of the site and surrounding landscape. Our team then creates the 3-D rendering of the equipment and places it in the precise location in the photo for an accurate portrayal of the finished product. It’s even easier if it’s for a site we’ve already SCIPed, because then we can proceed straight to the rendering.

Original photo (before photo simulation)
Final photo (after equipment simulation)

So what makes Tangent’s photo simulations so exceptional? It’s our speed and quality that sets us apart from the competition. Tangent completes a higher capacity of photo sims than anyone else and we have a standard 5-days or less turnaround time, thanks to streamlined and meticulously-perfected standard editing processes. What’s more is our attention to realism in these photo simulations. We use precise lighting & shading techniques and use high-resolution renderings of the equipment to the point that we make the photo simulations look as real as possible. We want our client’s sites to be approved as quickly and efficiently as possible, so giving jurisdictions the most accurate visual possible is our priority. 

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