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Tangent is Your Infrastructure Services and Technology Partner

We often use the phrase “infrastructure services and technology partner” as a way to describe what we do here at Tangent, but what exactly does that mean? We’ll explain a little bit more about what that translates to you as our clients.

Firstly, Tangent got its start in wireless, improving industry practices for a better end-product. We’ve since championed our way into the world of utilities, and we apply the same strength of innovation in both industries. 

Our infrastructure services cover wireless site development as well as utility audits and solutions for electric and fiber providers throughout the United States. We’re revolutionizing these industries with modern technology to ensure faster delivery times to those who rely on major infrastructure. 

When we say ‘technology partner’ we mean that we are here to work with you in utilizing our existing tech or creating ideal custom solutions that exceed the requirements for the task at hand. That can mean anything from developing technology that allows our field teams to complete SCIP, A&E and SAQ walks all at once in under 20 minutes; our ability to perform thousands of utility audits per week; creating automations to replace repetitive and time consuming data entry tasks; or using technology to facilitate and increase communication and productivity, and more. 

To be your technology partner also means that you don’t have to micromanage your projects. We are proactive at every step, keeping you informed and abreast of project developments as they occur. Carriers can count on Tangent being a vendor with a low turnover rate; once Tangent takes on a new task, we take the time to understand your pain points and learn every aspect to create efficiencies that will help you reach your goals while alleviating those pain points along the way. You never have to worry about retraining team members or replacing vendors who don’t deliver. We manage projects ourselves and drive them forward, delivering timely and accurate results. 

Our infrastructure clients’ satisfaction is the core of what we do. We don’t just work to get the job done, we work tirelessly to deliver a superior product and experience - and that’s what makes us a partner in your infrastructure endeavors. 

Ultimately, Tangent is here for you - our clients, and everyone relying on safe and dependable infrastructure. We are your infrastructure services and technology partner - and we will work with you to get the best job done.

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