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Tangent's Anniversary

Tangent is turning 6 years old! Our ethos of innovating, collaborating and delivering has carried us through the years, and will continue steering us into the future.

Tangent began with the humble mission of doing things differently. Determined to shake things up, Tangent’s founders got to work. Knowing there was a better way to do things, one founder took on the task of creating the Tangent standard for photo sims, while the other founder developed and supported Tangent’s site acquisition department and all its scopes. When we successfully developed better systems with beautiful deliverables, we took that same approach and applied it to every project and process we faced. This is what inspired our ethos to innovate, collaborate, deliver; and it’s what has allowed us to stand out among peer firms 4x our size or with decades of operation over us. We armed ourselves with our ethos, technology, and the talents of our hard-working team to create a name for ourselves in this massive industry. 

We forged on, increasing our services and scopes, expanding our market reach, fostering positive client relationships and steadily growing our team. 

Six years later and our team is 10x larger, and we recently opened the doors to a new engineering-dedicated office space to better accommodate our rapidly growing A&E department. 

We are thrilled to be growing as quickly as we are, but we know it’s no stroke of luck or accident that we find ourselves here. It’s through the incredible determination and hard work of our entire team that continues pushing us forward, innovating the future of wireless one step at a time. 

Thank you to our Tan-Fam, our trusted clients and vendors, and to our online community for joining us on this journey. 

Cheers to another prosperous year!

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