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Tangent's Foundation & Tower Mapping Services

Tangent’s experienced engineering teams are proud to offer safe, fast and non-invasive solutions for Tower and Foundation mapping as part of our pre-construction services. Read on for details on both types of mapping and see what Tangent can do for you.

Telecommunication towers require accurate mappings in order to perform detailed structural analyses. Mappings may be needed when existing tower drawings are no longer accurate, when carriers change requirements, when new construction is necessary, or for general maintenance. Tower mapping is designed to survey the architecture of the tower, as well as other structures like streetlights, monopoles and even rooftops.

Foundation mapping is done for the same reasons as tower mapping, but these surveys are specific to the foundation of the structures, as the name suggests. Streetlights are a common subject for foundation mapping due to the proliferation of small cell equipment. The use of non-invasive technologies like Ground Penetrating Radar are crucial to ensure the foundations remain intact and unaffected by the survey. Foundation drawings available at their jurisdictions can often be unavailable, so proposed changes or additions to structures may call for a foundation mapping.

When existing mapping documentation comes up short, our experienced mapping crew can gather the data needed quickly and accurately. In one case, our team mapped over 300 streetlights and their foundations in Hawaii so that our engineers could perform their structural analysis. We use cutting-edge software for precise and time-oriented results that can’t be beat. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.

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