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Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Routine NESC Audits

The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), established in 1914, standardized industry practices, examines job hazards, and ensures the safety of both infrastructure workers and the public. The NESC oversees the operation and safety of utility and electrical poles and their adjoining structures/equipment. Here are the top 5 reasons utility companies should be performing routine NESC audits:

  1. Ensure public and pole worker safety: NESC compliance will protect the general public and pole workers alike from various hazards including pole damage, overloading, or even unauthorized usage.
  2. Maintain accurate pole data: routine audits will keep databases up to date with the most recent pole information, allowing utilities to verify attachments details, joint-usage ownership, and hold on to more revenue through more accurate billing info.
  3. Identify surrounding hazards: auditing your poles allows the identification of new environmental or structural hazards, as well as monitoring existing ones. This can apply to the overgrowth of vegetation, fallen trees, or new buildings/structures.
  4. Mitigate legal risks: fulfill your obligation to assess potential risk and avoid possible liabilities by conducting routine audits to ensure compliance with the NESC.
  5. Avoid costly violation fines: failure to comply with NESC guidelines can lead to expensive fees. Don’t let these violations cost you!

Tangent performs comprehensive utility audits to ensure your assets are in full compliance with NESC standards. We leverage specialized utility audit technology, affording Tangent a 10x advantage over traditional auditing methods. Our field crews work quickly, thoroughly and accurately, allowing us to handle any sized project with ease. These audits will save you time and money, while giving you peace of mind. Contact us today for more information on our infrastructure services.

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