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Why Public Noticing Doesn't Have to be Such a Headache

Does your next project require a public notice? Let Tangent manage your public noticing needs and forget the stress.

Let’s be honest: public noticing is not something you look forward to doing. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and even painstaking at times. There are countless variables to determine, like the radius of residents that need to be informed, whether or not return receipts are required, differences in messaging for building owners versus building residents, or the size of the signage required on the site itself. And each of those answers can vary greatly between each jurisdiction! It’s a mountain of administrative work that requires sorting through endless gray areas, which is why outsourcing noticing is so common.

But did you know Tangent offers comprehensive public noticing services? We apply innovation to every service, scope and process here at Tangent, and noticing is no different. We’ve streamlined efficiencies to save time and resources, which result in time and savings for you, the customer. 

The best part is that we complete noticing services for any industry. New building construction? Utility modifications? Small cell or macro tower build? Tangent will execute compliant public noticing for your project at unmatched speeds. This applies to any kind of public noticing needs, including notices for public hearings, start of construction noticing, construction-site noticing/signage, and more. We get the job done quickly, accurately and keep you fully informed throughout the process. You’ll always know what’s being done and what steps come next. 

We’re experts at weeding through jurisdictional requirements to determine what is needed for each project. We gained that expertise by completing all the public noticing for our own projects. That means we know exactly what you’re looking for, from the customer’s perspective. We know your pain points and expectations, and we're ready to deliver a pain-free and seamless experience to you. We ensure noticing is handled with professionalism, full jurisdiction compliance and the highest level of quality control. 

For a free quote or inquiries regarding Tangent’s public noticing services, please contact us.

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